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Listed below are a few useful websites, if you are seeking information on cancer.

This website hosted by the Association of Cancer Online Resources (A C O R) is a unique collection of online communities designed to provide timely and accurate information in a supportive environment. It offers access to 131 mailing lists that provide support, information and community lists to those affected by cancer and related disorders.

The website of the American Cancer Society is focused on research and education, patient and community services and a number of patient-based programmes.

The websites provides information on its various activities, branches and other useful cancer links.

This website has been created by Steve Dunn, a cancer survivor, and provides basic information on cancer. The website covers individual experiences and a collection of articles on subjects including medical literature, clinical trials, cancer statistics etc.

Cancer Hope Network, USA, provides free confidential support to cancer patients and their families. It matches patients and/or family members with trained volunteers who have undergone similar experiences and treatment.

The Gujarat Cancer Society (GCS ) website provides substantial cancer-related information and case studies.

This focuses on the programme of the National Institute of Health, USA, coordinating research programme on cancer causes and prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment.

A comprehensive cancer information website from the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center. The website contains information regarding specific cancer sites, treatment and emotional support as well as current articles, literature and research information.

Breast Cancer

This website provides basic information on breast cancer through a series of articles and a regular newsletter. It also has a chat room for discussion and dialogue with other patients.

The National Association of Breast Cancer Organizations, USA, provides information and assistance to patients and family members.

Cervical Cancer

The Centre for Cervical Health provides information on Pap tests, useful, information and resources.

The Vulvar Pain Foundation provides information on treatment, support and research. It also promotes public awarness.

Ovarian Cancer

This site provides overall information on ovarian cancer, its symptoms and treatment.

A support site for ovarian cancer, it offers details about women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and the survivors.

Useful Links